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“Like a Funny James Bond for the middle-school set.”

– Kirkus

“True to form, [Game of Clones] teems with goofy gadgetry that will delight young readers and presents a continuingly charming, nerdy protagonist who remains worthy of the special place he’s likely earned in the hearts of the series’ fans. A character-driven, action-packed success.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“With the series’ distinctiveness pretty thoroughly expended in the previous volume, there’s not really a whole lot to do here except sit back and enjoy the silly, pseudo-scientific romp.”

– Booklist

“Fisher’s wild imagination and sincerity fuel Castle’s debut novel…Heavy doses of self-deprecating humor, high-tech wizardry, and goofy middle-school antics add up to an amusing and action-packed adventure.”

– Publishers Weekly

“[Popular Clone] strikes just the right balance of humor…Fisher’s struggles to fit in, to relate to girls and to uncover and preserve his true self feel genuine, making him a misfit and unlikely hero worth rooting for. An inventive new take on the traditional bully story.”

– Kirkus Reviews

"A great book for parents to give their children. It deals not only with bullies but with a young boy learning self confidence and acceptance. 5/5 stars for this book!! M.E.Castle has a winner on his hands!"

– Blogger Donna Lawrence

"Popular Clone is a delightful middle grade book featuring a quirky, humorous boy protagonist. This is one book guaranteed to get your children reading!"

CK2s Kwips and Kritiques

"Reading this book is an absorbing, positive experience. I highly recommend it!"

– Amazon Vine Reviewer Kathy Diamond Davis

"It held my 9 year old spellbound until he finished!!!"

– Amazon Vine Reviewer BMAR

"There is a flying pig in this story for Pete's sake, so you know it has to be fun."

– Amazon Vine Reviewer Terry Crock

“This is, hands down, the best book ever written.”

– M.E. Castle's mom

“Fisher is one of the greatest minds of his generation—beside myself.”

– P.T. Bigglesworth, Inventor of Ants-on-a-Log and the paperclip

“I don't like this book. I can't hit people over the head with it—it's too thin.”

– Mugg Squelch, 5th grade bully

“Everything in this book is completely unrealistic...except for the cloning.”

– Professor Marilynn Devroe, Ph.D., winner of the Nobel Prize in the field of Genetic Manipulation and BioChemistry

“This book is awesome. The balance of adventure and farting is perfect.”

– Tommy Smith, 6th grader