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Who are you, exactly?

I am a writer and an actor and a person in his mid twenties who still daydreams about exploring distant stars and being chased by evil robots through the ruins of lost cities, and thinks that the world would be a better place if more people did.

What does M.E. stand for?

At the time of writing this, it stands for “Mightily Enthusiastic.” But who knows, by the time this FAQ is put in place on the website it could have changed to something else entirely! Do feel free to ask again.

What have you written/are you writing?

Popular Clone is my first major project, and further entries in the Clone Chronicles are already underway. Any news that surfaces about my work can be found here, on my Facebook page.

We hear you’re associated with a shadowy cabal called Paper Lantern.

I prefer to think of it as a tight-knit group of very talented and friendly people who work together to produce some of the finest new fiction around. Go to to check us out.

How can I best get in touch with you?

This site has a contact info page that is easily clickable and will provide you with numerous ways to say hello. Bear in mind that I’m pretty busy between my writin’ and my actin’ and I may not be able to reply promptly.

Is M.E. Castle just the alter ego of a fiendish supervillain bent on conquest?

Absolutely not. I am a good-natured, highly moral person who would never cause trouble for anyone. And there was never any video evidence about who stole all of the mattresses from that orphanage.