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The Clone Chronicles Enters The Classroom!

The Clone Chronicles School Visit Initiative employs an interactive and hands-on approach to learning about literature by utilizing in-class science experiments and connecting the dots between science and creativity. Students will perform their own experiments and isolate the essential elements of storytelling, capped off with an entertaining reading and book signing session. Each school visit program is individually catered to the respective student population, including special needs students or accelerated magnet programs. Every student has something to offer and something to learn!

“The students have been coming by telling me they had fun, and that they got some ‘good ideas for stories’! That's giant praise. I was impressed with Matt’s ability to get the children involved […] they all loved the reading. We really enjoyed it!”

-Kathleen Raphael, Bay Ridge Prep Middle School Librarian

For more information or a to schedule a visit with M.E. Castle to visit YOUR school or library, please contact!

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